1998 Fixed Link Feasibility Study released to public 25-03-2015

For immediate release

Newport, Isle of Wight 25th March 2015 – Pro-Link Campaign Association is pleased to announce that after three months of work the 1998 Fixed Link Feasibility Study is now available copyright-free for anyone to download at:


The study was completed by a private company, which was partly funded by public money: Wight Training and Enterprise Limited. When this company was dissolved in 2005, the rights to the study transferred to The Crown. When this happens, the Crown is then entitled to either charge to release the copyright of items such as this, or disclaim their interest, making the document copyright-free and available for public release.

The letter disclaiming their interest can be viewed at:


In 1998, this comprehensive preliminary study cost £100,000. Wight Training and Enterprise never made it available to the public, but thankfully a copy was entered into the IW Council Record Office. 17 years later, after reviewing the document, Pro-Link has now managed to secure this release, so the carefully researched information can contribute to a better-informed, objective debate, to understand the opportunities and complex implications of a fixed link across the Solent.

Naturally, the data in this report is now 17 years old, so doesn’t model the impact of the 20% above inflation prices rises in ferry fares since 1998, or changes in construction costs, techniques and the impact of advances in technology.

A new report must be commissioned to consider the current circumstances, which is the next step in unlocking the benefits of a fixed link across the Solent for residents, businesses and visitors to the Isle of Wight.

The study is NOW available to review in its entirety on solentfixedlink.net

Web: http://solentfixedlink.net/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProLinkIOW


A Summary of the 1998 Feasibility Study

The 1998 feasibility study was commissioned by Wight Training and Enterprise (WTE) and Linkland Ltd.  WTE was one of a number of Training and Enterprise Councils (TECs) around the UK, which were established in the early 1990s to administer youth training and Modern Apprenticeships.  WTE also promoted training and business enterprise with local organisations.

Read the full study here.

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