Pro-Link Campaign Association Formed 18-03-2015

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Newport, Isle of Wight – Pro-Link Campaign Association is pleased to confirm the formation of a not-for-profit association on 18th March 2015. The association has been formed according to best practice processes, to raise funds with two objectives:

  • To campaign for a road-based fixed link from the Isle of Wight to the UK Mainland, with an option to include a light railway/tram line function.
  • To ensure fair charges and terms of use are provided in any FL Operating Contract

A bank account and PayPal account have been set up so donations can be accepted. The details of these are:

Barclays Bank, St James Square, Newport
Sort Code 20-60-55
Account 73023761

PayPal address for donations is

The members of the group will continue the work of campaigning, further invigorated by the formation of this new official body to help us gain the most effective voice. The work done so far has helped many people to understand the benefits a fixed link could bring to the Isle of Wight.

An example of just one benefit is ensuring the Isle of Wight workforce has greater choice leading to wages similar to those on the other side of the Solent. This alone could deliver up to an additional £640 million per year benefit to the Isle of Wight economy.

We have also been working to secure the public release of the comprehensive 1998 feasibility study. This was completed by Isle of Wight Training and Enterprise Council. A copy is held at the County Record Office. It contains much useful information that is still valid and can help drive the discussion forward in an objective and well-informed manner.

The committee members of the association are:
Carl Feeney – Chair
Chris Dodd – Secretary
Thomas Cowley – Treasurer
Linda Bassett
Rob Forrest
Kevin Price


Thomas Cowley
Carl Feeney


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