Fixed Link Costs

‘How will we ever afford it?!’ come the cries.  It’s understandable, with the explosion of billion pound projects around the UK and the world, everyone should be concerned about the cost of a fixed link.

How do we stop the costs mushrooming?

There is some interesting thought on that subject here:

FT Article – you will need to register to view

Put simply – we need to thoroughly examine what is needed, define the requirements, detail the specifications, tender for project firms to build it and then execute the project, keeping to the original specification and not deviating from it!

For comparison here are some costs from recent road projects:

BBC Magazine Article

Are we looking for a globally prominent solution; a massive cultural icon to go alongside the Needles and the Downs?

Or do we want a low-key, unobtrusive solution, designed to cost the bare minimum, to get the best result for the Island’s businesses and people?

We need a solution that fits and is fit for purpose.

Thankfully there are some publicly available costings to help us understand the likely cost of civil engineering projects.  The costs used on this site are from figures available on the web, with sources linked wherever possible.


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