Information about Red Squirrels

Lets talk about the Red Squirrel for a moment…

This article was contributed by Chris Van Wyk.

I was left musing on how this is probably the single easiest topic on which the general public could be mislead through misrepresentation of facts and general scaremongering into voting no were a referendum to happen.

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A Summary of the 1998 Feasibility Study

The 1998 feasibility study was commissioned by Wight Training and Enterprise (WTE) and Linkland Ltd.  WTE was one of a number of Training and Enterprise Councils (TECs) around the UK, which were established in the early 1990s to administer youth training and Modern Apprenticeships.  WTE also promoted training and business enterprise with local organisations.

Read the full study here.

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Concerns about crime from a fixed link

A big thank you to Michael Player for his excellent post:

I have lived on the Island for over 20 years and seen the ever increasing price of the Ferry travel and the decrease in service. Some island residents cannot any longer afford to cross the Solent and feel trapped. I am please I am not one of them.
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